Far Infra Red Sauna

Our sauna is a two person low-EMFR, far infra-red sauna.  It is installed in a small, private, dimly-lit room with a single shower and room to change and store your things.  


Far-Infrared Saunas heat us up from the inside, gently yet effectively stimulating increased circulation of blood and lymph, deep sweating for detoxification, relaxation of the nervous system, and a boost of metabolism. Infra-red saunas are also used to improve pain in the body, as a natural beauty practice and for meditation. 


In our Canadian climate, which often becomes cold and damp, the dry heat of the sauna is a great way deeply warm up- particularly for those of us who are prone to a cooler, damper constitution. 


With the sauna, depending on your experience level, we recommend you start with shorter sessions and work your way up, so sessions range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on your experience level.  We book the treatment room always for one hour so that you have more than enough time to shower if you would like to, and to get dressed in a relaxed way.  


Some people combine the sauna with colon hydrotherapy sessions, creating a deeply cleansing experience. Some people prefer to sauna before their colonic, and others prefer to sauna after.  Many people also come in just for the sauna. 


Even though we have a two-person sauna, we book it privately for one person at a time.  Unless you would like to have a session with a friend or partner, then we can accommodate you together.  

To your session, please bring: flip flops, a big towel, a small towel, and coconut water or a water bottle with electrolytes