Our Protocols in Light of Novel Corona Virus 2019:

  • due to the nature of our services and equipment, we can easily practice physical distancing recommendations in our clinic

  • as usual, we use disposable supplies only

  • as usual, we use hospital-grade disinfectant that is clinically proven to kill corona family viruses within 1 minute of contact time

  • as usual we thoroughly disinfect our treatment rooms and equipment after each use.  We have now expanded our disinfection protocols to include other regularly or potentially touched surfaces, such as desk, door knobs, pay terminal and chairs

  • we provide hand sanitizer, medical gloves, and disinfectant for your use.  Disposable masks available for you upon request. 

  • if you are immune-compromised, or regularly in contact with someone who is immune-comprised, we recommend that you stay home 

  • if you are experiencing cold or flu- like symptoms, you may not book at appointment until 14 days after full recovery and call Telehealth at 1-866-797- 0000 for advise

  • if you have come in contact with someone known or suspected to have covid-19, do not book an appointment until 14 days after that interaction, and call Telehealth at 1-866-797- 0000 for advise

  • we ventilate our clinic with fresh outdoor air flow several times throughout the day

  • due to physical distancing recommendations, we may only have one person with us in reception area at a time.  If you arrive early, please knock before entering.  We have a several private waiting areas in case you need to wait for your treatment room. 

  • consider helping us to keep our floors sanitary by bringing a clean pair of slippers or socks, and taking off your shoes before entering

  • we encourage everyone to care for their immune system on an ongoing basis, including care of your psycho-emotional health, which influences  your immune health (psychoneuroimmunology)

as providers of a healthcare service that directly facilitates a major activity of daily living (toileting / elimination)  we are considered an essential service


Going to the washroom ('elimination') is a major activity of daily living.  If you're not going to the washroom properly, gases and waste build up in your system and undue burden/strain is put on your organs and body's filtration systems.  When this happens, not only is it hard to feel your best and perform your best, but you can experience minor to extreme discomfort that interferes with your regular day to day living. Even your sleep, psycho-emotional health, and sexual health can be effected. 

Left unattended, digestive blockages, stagnation, and incomplete elimination can lead to more serious, but preventative health problems and chronic symptoms over time.  That's why if you feel something is 'off' with your digestion, its important to listen to your body and take action to rebalance.    

Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy toileting system, facilitated by professional Therapist,  is highly effective, and offers top user-experience